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Over 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of experience, vast knowledge of the area and it's agencies, we can provide valuable advice and information. Many of our customers have saved many thousands of pounds in their pocket. Have a look at our testimonials

Personal service that suits you

Once instructed, we do everything from pre-viewing, advising, negotiating the deal, assisting with mortgages, and dealing with all parties. We finalise every detail until we hand you over the keys. Buyers forget that the Agent works for, and is paid by the Vendor – not the Buyer. There is never a conflict of interest, as they only sell – and we only buy.

Completely independent

From our position, we are totally objective and emotionally detached – which generally achieves a better price. We drive a hard bargain, to ensure our clients pay the best possible price. When a Vendor has more than one offer to consider, our influence, reputation and contacts, may be critical in tipping the balance in your favour.

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