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Only a brand new home, requires no decorations. Sensible Vendors refurbish before they put a property up for sale, with special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Others, even though it looks in good condition - once the occupants have moved out, at the very minimum, paint work always needs to be refreshed. You can’t tell until it’s been completely vacated, when the wear and tear and the inevitable scrape marks and damage only show when the place is empty. Alternatively, you could be considering letting it out, and want to ensure that it achieves a maximum monthly rental yield.

Whether it’s a new kitchen or bedroom make over, it’s important you are clear about your expectations. We all have different tastes when it comes to home design, so in order to give a clear idea to your tradesman, cut out photos or sketch any ideas, so he knows what you expect him to deliver. If you wish to move walls to make an open space it’s best to get a home survey which costs approx £600. You get detailed drawings which can maximise hidden space and conjure up fresh ideas. Budget is very important.

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We're happy to do all types of renovations with our team of experts, but prices differ, depending on the size of the property, modifications, and quality. Estimates can be arranged accordingly.

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