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A temporary home, or somewhere more permanent? Our Property Rental Service guides you to the right property in the right area for the right price that fits your brief.

Re-locating to London, in between selling and buying and looking for an interim solution?

We can help you find the ideal rental place for you to rest your head – without the headaches involved. Our experience in the rental market in London enables us to find you the most appropriate area and perfect rental property that matches your requirements efficiently and smoothly.

You may already know the locations you prefer, which we will advise and focus on. If necessary, we can steer you to areas more suitable for your budget and needs.

Once a suitable rental property has been chosen, we will negotiate the best terms on your behalf and oversee the legalities of your tenancy agreement, making sure all requirements for the rental property are met. This may include: Internet access, satellite TV, gym, swimming pool, concierge, or parking. Before we start our search we like to meet you at a convenient place to examine your lifestyle, take details of your ideal home and location, and list your specific requirements.

It is essential we have a general briefing to consider what is viable and achievable in keeping with your intended move-in dates. To send us your requirements use our easy to fill in form here.

If you need any help or have any questions, fill in the form below.

Length of Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements are usually for 12 months, and references are required. Some Corporate lets can be arranged for longer.

A busy person with no desire to run around to Agents or search the net (then view properties that disappoint) benefit from our services. Buyers unfamiliar with the London market will also save time and money.

Rental Search fees

Rental Search Retainer costs are in accordance with your budget and priced on application.

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