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Over 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of experience, and vast knowledge of the areas, we provide valuable advice and information. Many of our customers have saved many thousands of pounds. Have a look at our testimonials

Personal service that suits you

Once instructed, we do everything from pre-viewing, advising, negotiating the deal, assisting with mortgages, and dealing with all parties. We finalise every detail until we hand you over the keys. Buyers forget that the Agent works for, and is paid by the Vendor – not the Buyer. There is never a conflict of interest, as they only sell – and we only buy.

Completely independent

From our position, we are totally objective and emotionally detached – which generally achieves a better price. We drive a hard bargain, to ensure our clients pay the best possible price. When a Vendor has more than one offer to consider, our influence, reputation and contacts, may be critical in tipping the balance in your favour.

What our clients say..

S. Cornelius

"Thank you very much. The help and advice was really valuable and most appreciated. Time is money. The assistance and care given, was excellent and great value. We have a lovely apartment in Kensington now."

M. Bharj, Accountant

"Finding the right apartment for investment can sometimes be a nightmare, especially in the most sought-after areas of London. Within a week, I was found a super mews property that was bought within hours of viewing. It has been rented for a good return ever since."

S. Strange, Music Agent

"I was given a shortlist and saw 3 houses in one day. I travel alot, and PSL dealt with literally everything, removing all the stress and time involved. I signed a few documents and now have a great house I didn't think would be affordable or possible."

S. Frost, Co. Director

"I wanted something special, and now have a fabulous Penthouse. The refurbishment was a huge transformation, and I love it."

Dr. D. Moss, Consultant

""I must have been with 6 Agents. As a doctor, I wanted something close to my practice in Harley Street that I could walk home to. I now have a lovely flat. I will recommend to my colleagues."

A. Browne, Managing Director

"We had sold our house for a good price, and couldn't find a suitable replacement. We thought we'd end up having to rent somewhere, and were getting more and more worried. The house PSL found, needed work, and was actually for sale with one of the Agents, who thought we wouldn't be interested. Thank God for PSL! "

Mrs. D. Fox, Chevron Oil

"Coming from California, I had no idea where someone like me should live in London. It's not just finding the right rental, but being confident that everything will work when you move in. Excellent service and a great job done."

D. White, Royal Bank Of Scotland

"The lack of supply and massive demand had a huge effect on prices and made the job of buying even more frustrating. A search agent works specifically for you, whereas the agent works for the seller. When there are more buyers than sellers, it helps to have someone on your side who knows exactly what you want, and also someone who knows all the agents."

Mrs. Nafisa, Switzerland

"It was such a joy to come across Lindy. Such an immense wealth of experience and knowledge shared with grace and warmth. Quality service and honesty. Priceless!"

S.Mills, California.

"In USA we usually consult with a Buyers Agent/Home Finder, and I've only received sound advice, as they are on your side. Lindy was truly capable and I actually enjoyed working with her. The savings you experience and information you receive can result in you keeping thousands in your pocket."

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