Your Briefing

Getting things started

Before we start our search we like to meet you at your home or a convenient place for an hour, to discuss what you wish to achieve, and take details of your ideal property and location, listing your specific requirements. Essentially we’re going to have a general briefing to discuss our ideas so we know what is realistically feasible.

Briefing for overseas buyers

Some of our clients are overseas buyers – this can be done by phone and email.

Others are busy individuals, already living in London who have no time to immerse themselves into the London market.

It is vital to ensure you are 100% ready to move before starting the search. You must have your budget confirmed, and have a lawyer that will act for you. If you have a property to sell – get it on the market, and preferably, Under Offer.

In order to become a “hot” buyer, and therefore given priority by our network of contacts, it is highly important you are regarded as well organised, and committed.